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Cartridge & D.E. Filter Cleanings

Top notch filter cleanings for Cartridge and D.E. Pool Filters.

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Service Description

Cartridge Filter: There is no backwashing. Cartridges are removed from the filter, hosed off, and cleaned. The cartridges should be replaced back into the filter tank and the housing secured. The housing O-ring should be inspected for wear before closing the housing. O-ring lubricant should be applied as necessary. Failure to maintain the O-ring can result in water loss or air entering the filter. Many operators eliminate downtime by keeping a spare cartridge filter on site so that when one needs to be cleaned, it can be replaced with a clean cartridge. In some instances it is a code requirement to have an extra cartridge. D.E. Filter: Commercial D.E. filter grids, both vacuum and pressure, need to be manually cleaned on a regular basis, generally every three months of filter operation. The grids should be removed from the filter as per the manufacturer's instructions. The grids should be sprayed down with water and the grid cloth inspected for any tears or other damage. If necessary, the grids should be soaked in an acidic filter cleaner to remove any calcification or other mineral buildup, then rinsed. Lastly, the filter should be reassembled.

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Top Notch Pool Co. LLC, Weiskopf Lane, Corpus Christi, TX, USA

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