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Residential Pool Maintenance

Weekly & twice weekly residential pool maintenance.

  • 1 h
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Top Notch Pool Co. sends every customer detailed digital visit summaries weekly from the Pool Service Software route app to their email or by text. These comprehensive visit summaries don't just hold us accountable as a service provider, but are equally instrumental in keeping track of each customer's pool needs to the best of our ability! These summaries include: 1.)CHEMICAL READINGS: Free Available Chlorine: ___ ppm Combined Available Chlorine: ___ ppm Total Available Chlorine: ___ ppm Bromine (if applicable): ___ ppm pH: ___ ppm Total alkalinity: ___ ppm Cyanuric acid: ___ ppm Calcium Hardness: ___ ppm Choose Weather: Select One > (Nice, Windy, Rainy, Lightening) Filter Pressure: ___ psi Phosphates: ___ ppm 2.)CHEMICAL DOSAGE READINGS: Liquid Chlorine: ___ gal Trichlor shock: ___ oz Calcium shock: ___ lb Trichlor Tablets 3": ___ Trichlor Tablets 1": ___ Calcium: ___ Cyanuric Acid: ___ lb Cyanuric Acid: gal Boric Acid ___ lb Tetraborate: ___ gal Bromine Tablets: ___ Sodium Bicarb: ___ lb Soda Ash: ___ lb Muriatic Acid: ___ gal Dry Acid: ___ lb Phosphate Remover: ___ qt Phosphate Remover: ___ fl oz Clarifier: ___ fl oz Muriatic Acid: ___ cups Sodium Bromide: ___ oz 3.) CHECKLIST: No Pole Task Due to Lightning? Client Needs to call Office? No Power to Equipment? Low Water Level? Cleaned Filters? Backwashed Filters? Filter Cartridge Change Needed? Emptied Baskets? Skimmed Surface? Brushed Pool? Pool Vacuumed? Serviced Automatic Cleaner? Cleaned Salt Cells? Cleaned Tiles? Checked Chemicals? Adjusted Chemicals? Used Stabilizer? Used Pool/Spa Minerals? Used Blower?

Contact Details


Top Notch Pool Co. LLC, Weiskopf Lane, Corpus Christi, TX, USA

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